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Woof's Up FunDogLand Community ?


We are driven by our love for dogs.

And we want to share this bond by enhancing the lives of dogs and their families.

We provide an international, safe, fun, and educating environment for you and your dog enabled by love, driven by trust, respect, and tolerance.⁠

We offer a home for the striving global communities of dog owners and lovers.

Hi everyone! My name is Tatianna, 27, and currently living in Spain. I am an avid dog lover just like everyone here. I speak a little spanish and am on track to being fluent! I own an english bulldog named Edgar who is one hunky boy! I love to travel, sightsee, and fly (airplane). I enjoy going on my daily walks with my pup and learning new recipes. My top three goals are owning a golden retriever, becoming fluent in spanish, and visit 15 countries this year. If chewing up tennis balls was an Olympic sport, I'd win a gold... (More)

Our mission is to enhance dog-human lives and connections, bring people and dogs together to provide a fun and positive experience. To educate, support, and uplift/empower dog owners and provide them with all the insight and tools needed to deepen your relationship with your doggy.


I was found in Spain as a puppy on the street and nobody knows exactly who or what my parents were. My parents found me and adopted me. It was love at first sight. I was taken to the vet and told that I was a very special mix of many different breeds.

Voice of FunDogLand

My name is Funny and I am a very special street mix of Dachshund-Poodle-Sheepdog-Boxer and another breed I don't know. As you can imagine I am exceptionally pretty, smart, fast and brave.